Saturday, November 04, 2006

Game Night - Nov 3, 2006

Friday Nov. 3, 2006 - My House
I hosted game night this eveing and as usual, Noah and Miles Antwiller were the first to arrive and so I pulled out my new game - Hey! That's My Fish. this is a shorter light game, but does offer a few tactical choices as you try and cut off other players, while carving out a large number of fish for yourself. It can also get nasty, but is short so not too nasty. Jason Sato and Matt Cullinan had arrived, so I then pulled out Ticket to Ride: USA 1910 - the new expansion for the original game. This game adds new and modified destination tickets as well as a couple new ways to play based on the destination tickets. I somehow seemed to be the only one that managed to complete all my tickets and won with a decent margin. We were still waiting for some others to show, but Jason and Hope Maxwell had arrived, so we agreed to play some Bang! with the Fistful of Cards expansion. Bang! is one of those games that takes zero skill, but is short and decently fun most of the time. I drew the renegade (which sucks as far as I'm concerned). It was down to the Sherrif (Jason S) and Deputy Hope, and they finished me off in short notice. Erik Von Burg had arrived and had wanted to try out the new expansion for Descent - The Well of Darkness. Erik, Matt and I sat down to battle it out against Miles. We ended up with a couple tanks (Matt and I) and no ranged attackers. That might have been an issue given this dungeon's special trick - the dungeon was collapsing, forcing us to run through it. Each turn, the farthest back part of the dungeon was taken off the map. We did ok, but eventually, the dungeon caught up to us and Miles won. It was fun though, and I'd play again. After that, nobody could decide on a game, so we settled for playing one of Matt's favorites - Can't Stop! Of course, Erik and I never made it on the board at all and Matt rolled (groan) to an easy win. Most everyone took off, so Jason and Hope and Jason S and I finished the night playing Ave Caesar. I hadn't played it before, but found it to be pretty fun - its too bad the word out on the new version is that it sucks. I'd like a copy, but the older version is pretty hard to come by.

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