Wednesday, March 21, 2007

March 17, 2007 - Cards

Luke and Annette Wallace (friends of my folks - Steve and Cathy) came over to play some cards. The first game played doesn't have any name that I've ever been able to determine. (UPDATE - Jason Maxwell identified the game as Crummy Rummy). You take three decks of cards including jokers. Twos and jokers are wild. Each round, you start with a different number of cards and have a goal for going out.

For the first round, you get 6 cards and need to make at least two sets of three cards to lay down. The next round is 7 - one run of four (same suit) + 1 set of three, then two runs of four, three sets of three, one run of four and two sets of three, two runs of four and one set of three, three runs of four, and finally a run of 7 and two sets of three.

Each turn, you can take the face up discard, or pass it and the top card to the next player and take the top card. You then may play your initial requirement of melds, or discard and pass. Once you've played your melds, you may add to the sets or runs of anyone's cards on the table. The goal is to go out. When a player goes out, any cards held are counted - 5pts for most cards, 10 for face cards, 20 for aces and twos and 50 for jokers.

I got killed and didn't get down at least twice. I was in last most of the night. After that we played some Frank's Zoo. Unfortunately, Luke was in a mood this night and he got stuck badly a couple hands which resulted in some card throwing. Everyone was pretty tired, so we called it halfway through the second game.

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Mike said...

I've never heard of anyone else playing Crummy Rummy. I didn't even know it was a real game outside of my family ;)

A while ago I wrote up our family rules at .. the version you played has some slight differences, but seems like it's in the same spirit.