Wednesday, June 02, 2010

PBEM Olympics - Amun-Re Game 4

And it is finally official. Our last game of Amun-Re is done and I finally won a gold - thanks in large part to Chester, it was a clean win, not a tie. The game looked for a long time like it might end up with Nathan and I tied for first and Chester and Justin tied for second (in the overall standings). At the end of the game, Chester made a few moves and pushed Nathan down in the money and forced him down the points to last. Final scores: Justin: 47, Charles: 42, Chester: 41, Nathan: 40. Justin played his best game of this but still finished last in the standings and picks the next game of the series - he picked Reef Encounter. I was surprised to pull out the win here - this is not a game I'm great at. I think for the most part, I had really good card draws for the majority of the time and it made the most difference.

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