Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Countdown to the Geekway 2011

Some folks have THE GATHERING. Others have - Essen, Origins, BGG Con, WBC, whatever. I attend the Geekway. The last few years, Nathan Winchester and I have gone and we always have a good time. Besides just the general "sit and play games for days on end" thing, I get to see a number of friends I've made over the years through this hobby. Jay Moore (one of the guys that currently host this event) was actually my BGG Secret Santa the year before my first Geekway. It was nice to get to meet him and since he is an MU fan and I'm a Husker, you'd think we wouldn't have hit it off, but Jay is such a nice guy I forgive him. I also met Chester Ogborn at the Geekway - Chester grew up in Omaha, so he's something of a kindred spirit. I've enjoyed gaming with and chatting with him over the years. Of course, every year I've gone, so have Justin and Jason Easley. These two guys (brothers, not partners) are great and I enjoy just hanging out with them as much as playing games with them. Justin and I have partnered up each year in the Crokinole Tourney as "The Droids Ur Lookin 4". We suck, but laugh the whole time at how bad we are. Last year, I talked a crew of people I knew at Union Pacific into making the trip out from Omaha. They had a good time and are coming back this year (and bringing another couple as well). And then of course there are all the locals I've enjoyed meeting each year - Mike Silbey, Jason Little (though he was only local the first year), Chris Darden, Jeff Hiatt, Justin Heimburger, Timothy Hunt, The Zambos etc etc.
This year, I'm trying something a little different. Every year, I list about 50 games I want to play and I play like two of those. This year, I'm scheduling some longer games in advance to try and actually get stuff in. On the agenda so far? Dominant Species, Mutant Chronicles: Siege of The Citadel, A Game of Thrones, Combat Commander, Crokinole, Princes of the Renaissance and  probably a game of Ca$h and Gun$. Two weeks left.

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