Saturday, June 25, 2011

Collection Churn

I've been doing a bit of trading lately trying to move some stuff that I'm not likely going to play for stuff that I've been trying to acquire for a while or that I really wanted. It started with Yomi - I was able to get the Complete First Edition box in trade for Indonesia (which is a fine game, but Nathan Winchester owns it, and he's who I'd play it with anyway). There have been a couple of recent math trades and I moved FITS, Mutant Chronicles: Siege of the Citadel, Neue Heimat (I have my copy and one more still), and a load of Age of Steam maps. I picked up Oregon, Tal der K├Ânige, Neuland, Power $truggle, Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg: New Society and Banquet Expansion, Ys, Ys+, and Combat Commander: Battle Pack #2 - Stalingrad. One of the math trades also had a copy of Lexio that didn't trade, but which I was able to followup with the owner and buy off him. Lexio isn't a killer game, but I like it and since there isn't a bunch of paper parts, it is almost ideal for taking on our week long houseboat trip later this summer (there are tons of kids and inevitably lots of water from all the swimming, so a dry spot to play is often a challenge). Those that know me probably know I don't like St. Petersburg much - it was in a bundle, so I'll likely be bundling that PoS with something else in another trade or auction.
This is sort of roundabout logic, but I want to play Neuland to figure out if I should keep Roads and Boats. I'm thinking that the value of R&B (and it's expansion) makes it time to try and get something else for it (like cash).  And apparently I'm on an anti-Splotter kick, because I'm thinking I should sell Bus as well. Right now, the only Splotter game that interests me in trying out is Antiquity (which I believe I can get Mike G or Michelle to teach me anytime).
As for CC: Stalingrad - I've slowly been grabbing all the expansions for this awesome game. I'm not through all the scenarios in the base game yet, but if Robert and I ever get back into the regular playing mode, the expansions will get played soon enough. The third is one of the bigger ones - Normandy. It is next on the list, but is plenty easy to buy still.

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