Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More Combat Commander

Robert Bolan came over this evening to get in a bit of Combat Commander action. I was hoping we could start a series from the Stalingrad battle pack, but when I opened it up, there was no playbook with the rules. I sent an note to GMT and I expect they'll be sending a booklet to me, but I was saddened that we weren't going to explore Stalingrad yet. Since that was out as a plan, I just went with the RSG (Random Scenario Generator) hoping for some minor powers (Italy, France, Britain). Instead, we ended up with the Germans and Russians in 1942. We did end up on a map neither of us had seen before - #20, a nearly total forest with a small amount of marsh, a hill running through it and a road through the forest. I ended up with the Russians and after we made our unit choices, I ended up as the defender to Robert's attacking Krauts. As attacker, he had the option to try for a radio (artillery), which he got, which didn't make me too happy since artillery and trees are bad. I setup first and setup with a leader and an SMG unit on a hill to best shoot at anything Robert tried to move in the only open area (note, this wasn't much of a threat as I didn't have a gun and SMGs only have a range of TWO (four with the leader's command)). The rest I spread out in the cover of the forest, two of the SMGs having satchel charges. Well, Robert took on of his units to start the game and exited them off after racing them down the side of the map uncontested. The rest of the units were all engaged in not a whole lot of anything. My hilltop foxholed unit and leader kept working at Robert, but weren't too hot. I did finally manage to kill off Robert's radio, which made him start moving in to try and eliminate my units. Robert managed to get a random medium machine gun unit behind my lines and he moved in to kill me. He tried and before his unit could get the kill shot in, a sniper popped up and killed my unit, robbing his gunner of the kill. I got a mortar, which I used to finally nail a couple of his guys on an opposite hill, so he used an advance to come get me. A few ambush cards later, I killed off enough of his troops to force his surrender.

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