Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Quick Descent WIP

Its been busy around my place lately, but I forced some time for painting yesterday to try and meet my personal monthly goal of completing a monster set and a hero from Descent.

I've been working on the Sorcerers for a while now. I've blocked in the major parts (robes and capes) as well as the fleshy parts. I decided to go with red robes and a dark blue cape, so for the leader, I went with copper robes with a red wash and purple cape (I haven't used the shade on the purple yet, so it is still a bit bright). I need to do the sash detail, boots, wooden staff parts, the beards, and a couple bags on their belts. The robes and capes will get a ribbon of gold around
the edges and I'm toying with adding some blue tint to the staff (ala the picture of the sorcerers from the actual monster card that comes with the set).

These figures have decent detail, but I dislike doing the same humanoid figure over and over again (though I only show two here, there are four in the set). Probably why it has taken me so long to progress on them. I get bored really quickly on them. The remaining details shouldn't take too much more effort, except the gold banding. Running those edges takes a while and I have to have not drank too much caffeine that day. Whoever modeled the 2nd edition figures loves their borders on everything. The borders alone may take a couple hours of work.

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