Monday, April 24, 2017

What Did I Play This Week - April 17-23

Things have been busy around my place this past week - we are moving on the first of May, so a lot of this past weekend (week) have been around getting things done around the house. Despite that, I got a couple games played.

7 Wonders Duel
I introduced this little 2-player game to my daughter, who was slightly confused at first (I don't think I explained it well), but she understood it quickly enough once we got going. In fact, she was kicking my butt in the military track and I was a bit worried that I was going to lose because of it. Then in the third age, I managed to get up to 5 different science types. There wasn't a 6th type out, BUT, I snagged a dupe and got the reward (scales of justice) that acts as a 6th type and won the game just before my daughter would have been able to get a military card that would have given her the win. She was a little distraught (she comes so close to beating me in games, but always is just short and it frustrates her to no end). I think this is a game that will become more and more brutal the more familiar you become with it. Also of note - I 3D printed a set of racks to hold the card layout and I have to say that it is a must have addition to the game. It keeps the cards in place - something I hate about the layout otherwise. Keep an eye out here - I plan to do a giveaway for this soon!

After writing about this game recently I was inspired to play this. I invited some of my online buddies and then Alyson asked me to play a head-to-head match. I think that electronically, I prefer head-to-head over multiplayer (the games are just too long waiting for 3 other players to go). At any rate, we played with most of the expansions - Traders & Builders, Princess & Dragon, Inns & Cathedrals, and the Phantom. Alyson tends to dislike the Princess & Dragon because she says I'm a jerk with them. Fair point, but that is kind of the point. She also let me have the fairy for about 30 uncontested turns, which probably didn't help her any. She did win every single goods majority (and in fact, I think I only managed a weak 3 total goods), but I had nailed down the crazy large field (with my pig) and scored something like 80 points on that at the end of the game. I think we don't play this too often because the high jerk factor isn't good for our relationship, but I do enjoy the game from time to time.

My daughter also asked to play this game, but rather than getting it off the shelf, I pulled out my iPad and we played a pass-and-play game. It is just faster and less fiddly in electronic form. I ended up picking up way too many big pieces and had lots of areas that were hard to fill in, but ended the game with a not horrible quilt and a ton of buttons from passing so much. Normally not a great way to win, but my daughter had made some odd choices and was just behind me in score at the end of the game.

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