Thursday, July 13, 2017

Collection Churn June 2017

Somehow, I managed only to moves games out in June and reduce my collection. No new games acquired! (ok, technically there is a trade or two here, but I received the games in July, so you have to wait till next month). Here is the list of things that left the collection and why.

  • Pow Wow - I think I played this game once in the 8 years I owned it. It is something of a party game with bluffing and deduction. I'd rather play Liar's Dice, so sold it.
  • Panamax - I traded for this, but realized I wasn't likely to do much more than have it take up space on the shelf, so it was sold without ever playing it.
  • King of New York - I like King of Tokyo and liked New York a hair better, but even the kids (who liked it) never asked to play it. Again, just another game taking up space on the shelf, so I sold it.
  • Bottle Imp - this is a nasty little trick taking game for three players. I only played a couple times and never really figured out how to be good at it. It was selling for a reasonable price, so I sold it since it wasn't going to get play (especially not over Chimera).
  • Eclipse - I had acquired an extra copy of the game in a trade and was able to put together a trade with Eclipse as part of it. 
  • Time's  Up! Title Recall - Time's Up! might be one of my favorite party games. This was also part of the trade (along with Eclipse). I gave it up because I don't really get to play a ton of party games and also because I have the app on my iPad, which actually works pretty well.
  • Get Bit! Collectors Edition - this was an entry from me in a math trade - I'd get the game in return in July. 
  • Merchant of Venus (2nd ed) - IIRC, I acquired this in a trade and played it. It was pretty fun, but a little long and Ameritrashy (which is not a bad thing). I just couldn't see it ever getting played in my household, so I sold it (plus the box is huge, so I made a good chunk of space).
  • Blood Feud in New York - I hate to say it, but I sold this and it took me forever to get shipped. I lost track of it when I moved and by the time I found it, I couldn't believe I had forgot to get it shipped out. Thankfully the buyer was understanding. This was a game that I heard compared to Samurai Swords, which sounded good to me (again, Ameritrash isn't a bad thing). The reality though - I was never ever going to get it played.
Next month - I acquire a few games (don't worry, I have things still going out the door in the quest to bring the collection down to a reasonable level). 

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Matthew Frederick said...

I managed to “get” Bottle Imp one day at the GoF and played it several times. Soon thereafter I lost the thread again. That it takes so long to “get” if you don’t play it regularly makes it something I’ll never play again.

And like you noted, Chimera is awesome.