Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Collection Churn July 2017

It is that time again - let's look back at the games that have come and gone from my collection during the last month! My overall goal this year has been to (literally) reduce the size of my collection. Both from a pure numbers standpoint as well as perhaps looking at reductions in the space things take up.

Let's start with the "out the door" games:
  • Eclipse Ship Pack 1 - I had acquired this a while back and honestly, didn't care that I got it, it was just part of a bundle. I was happy to trade this off. 
  • Small World Tales and Legends - Small World is ok and I thought this might up the interest level, but I never broke this out. I sold off the base Small World (still have Underground and a ton of expansions, but they never get played either). 
  • Quarriors (et al) - Once upon a time, I had a fair bit of Quarriors, and it got old, so I sold it. Then my son asked about playing it, but it was gone. So in a math trade a few years ago, I ended up "getting it back". We played a couple of times, but it still didn't attract much interest in the house, so I sold this lot as well.
  • Tsuro - I got this game a long time ago as something that was simple and that the kids could play. They liked it (still do) but it is shorter to play than Love Letter and less interesting as far as I'm concerned. Someone wanted to buy it, I was happy to sell it. 
On the flip side, this was one of the first months this year where I had a number of games come in. Acquired were:
  • Ora et Labora - this is one of my favorite Ewe games. I find the mechanics and player interactions to be just right. I had traded my copy earlier in the year to get Scythe and knew that I wanted it back, despite not playing it that much. Periodically I look for matching trades for certain games and I was able to find one that really worked for me - trading Eclipse Ship Pack and the Small World: Tales and Legends deck. Happy to have this back in the library (now to just get it played)
  • Biblios - I kept hearing how great this little game was and so I ended up getting it in a math trade. It is a good little game (both in size and scope). It was a good trade. I'm planning to do a writeup on this soon.
  • Windup War - The publisher asked PBM if there were folks interested in doing a review. This sounded like a fun little family game, so I volunteered. Thankfully it is literally a small game. I should have a full review ready next week with my thoughts on the game.
  • Fast Food Fear - Another smaller box game that came for review. The kids just started school, but hopefully we can get some plays in soon.
  • Argent: The Consortium - Level99 has a kickstarter for a new edition going, so they sent out a review copy to folks that hadn't played the original. Hoping to get this played soon so I can do a proper review.
So, I kind of went in the wrong direction last month, but a fair bit of that was due to review copies coming in. And of those games, three are smaller (and even Ora isn't a hug box). Excited to see where next month takes us.

And that's it for last week! Be sure to check us out at PunchBoard Media!

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