Thursday, February 22, 2007

Feb. 22, 2007 - Barnes and Noble sale!

Well, I felt a bit silly buying a stack of games last night, given my current gamerless-group status - however, its pretty tough to pass on 75% off. You see, each February B&N clearances off a lot of the games that they stocked up on during the holiday season. This sale is a game unto itself, because it starts at 50% and then hits 75% and then usually they hit $1-$5. This is on games that typically run in the $40-$50 range (though last year, i found a couple $70 games at 50%). Both last year and this year, I got very lucky and on a whim stopped in to a Barnes and Noble store. At first, I was sure I had missed the sale as I didn't see any tables with games at all. However, as I went deeper into the store, I found them. a few minutes later, I walked out with 5 new games for around $60. I dashed off to another and added a couple more games. So what did I find?
  • Roborally - I found two copies of this (one at each store) for $12.50 each. I'll keep one and trade off or sell the other. On second thought, the box doesn't fit my collection - I may get rid of them both.
  • Rheinlander - I didn't find this game overly engaging, but its expensive normally, so its trade fodder.
  • Tsuro - I traded this away last year, but for $7, I didn't mind re-acquiring it.
  • Puerto Rico - I already have a new copy I've never opened, but you can't pass this up at $12.50. Definitely a trade or sell item.
  • I'm the Boss - this was a gamble. Its a Sid Saxon game, so I'm leaning towards it likely to be a good game, but I've never seen it played. Again, $50 game for $12.50, so I took the chance. At worse, its trade fodder.
  • Niagara - Spiel des Jahres winner in 2005. I was pretty middle of the road in my one playing of it (though the concept is sound and the movement of the river is unique and interesting). The only reason I grabbed this was to net a $50 game at $12.50. I'll likely keep this, though I would trade it if I get an interesting offer.

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Magic Rat said...

Given your gaming-with-family status at present, try introducing them to Tsuro. It works well as a gateway game, and it plays up to eight easily and with little downtime.