Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Feb. 7, 2007 - Samurai

Another game of Samurai on MaBiWeb with the usual suspects - Dion Garner, Jason Sato, and Mike Gingold. I went with my four player strategy of trying to lock up one of the islands, while grabbing pieces as the opportunities showed. However, in a four player game, you typically need to have at least 5 of one of the three types to even contend for a majority, which I was not likely to achieve, so near the end of the game, I realized I could stop the game - no point in going on knowing I couldn't win. Since I didn't know who might win, I hoped for a three way draw. However, Dion and Jason had each managed to snag 5 in two different areas and Dion ended up having the most other influence for the win.

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