Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Got an email from Bobby Warren asking Mike Gingold, Jason Maxwell and I if we were interested in trying out Patrician via the Michael Schacht website (which uses the MaBiWeb interface). I hadn't even heard of the game before, so grabbed the rules and read through them (they were short). Basically, a bit of an area control game with a couple of twists. Our first game out I played a bit randomly, but was in good position at the end of the game only to finish a distant 2nd having lost points. Having learned a few lessons and understanding a bit more, I started a second game as a rematch and completely changed my approach. The second time, I played almost exclusively to get the cards I wanted, and concentrated less on the actual areas I was trying to get. In the end, that seemed to pay off with my just edging out Bobby for the win.

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