Thursday, May 01, 2008


John Davis stopped over for a mid-week gaming break last night. Having roughly and hour or so, I pulled out Notre Dame for the two of us to run through. having played before I had a slight advantage, though John picked up the essence of the game fast enough. Unfortunately for him, he got stagnated a bit in the middle of the game, running out of money and cubes. Recognizing that was going to happen to me, I had managed to grab a big chunk of cubes and cash to make it through the rest of the game. We each hit Notre Dame once, but I had managed to fill up my park fairly early and the bonus VPs push me out ahead at the end of the game by about 10 points. I'd really like to see this with three or four players, but its ok with two. After a second playing, I think I still prefer In the Year of the Dragon.

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