Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I received my copy of Bus today from the math trade. As you can see, the boards are a little warped. Ok, I've never seen anything like it. Even Lowneherz wasn't this bad. I've read about sticking warped boards in a ziplock with apple slices, stacking books on them, etc. These are so bad, I'd half consider just plain frame mounting them (I have a friend that does that for a living in Phoenix) so they'd be flat. Wow. The listing said the boards were warped, but this is crazy. The boards aren't even thin - which makes getting them back to almost flat even worse. I may have to try and scan them then make new ones :(


Matthew Frederick said...

Holy crap, that's unbelievable!

Warp like that is (obviously?) due to different layers of the board material shrinking or expanding to differing degrees, with humidity being the biggest factor in the size change. As such, flattening under books has to either stretch (or crush) one of the materials, or it has to break the bonds between materials. In the former case it's not likely to last, and in the latter it has the potential to damage the board to the point of even ruining it.

So... suck.

Tatsu said...

Yeah. I sent an email to splotter with the pictures asking for nothing more than a soft copy of the board so I could print my own (flat) board.