Monday, April 21, 2008

Couple of Games

April 19, 2008 - Saturday
Mike Garrett came over after playing in a Bridge tourney all day. I pulled out Tumblin Dice since um... Well, it was still out on top of my last box of games. I showed Mike and after something like 9-10 rounds Mike beat me by 4 pts. Frankly, the game is pretty gay with 2 players. This is definitely a 4 (or more if you have lots of same sized/weight dice) player game. So anyway, after that we pulled out Notre Dame, which actually does play two-player. This is similar in many ways to In the Year of the Dragon (or vice versa). There are enough differences of course that they aren't the same game re-themed, but they scratch pretty much the same itch. I think ItYotD is probably the better game, but I'll reserve judgment until I play ND with 4-5 players. At any rate, in this version of the swim against the tide (tide of rats) game, I managed to not hit the max in rats and score ND twice all to myself. Mike lost points a couple of times, but was pulling the scores in with his park from very early on. It ended up being pretty close, but I squeaked out a 4 pt win.

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