Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Week of Samurai

Justin Easley and I played a series of 5-games over the course of the week (ok, three, but I won 3 of 5 already).

Game 1: Fought over the 3-totem city right away and after spending a good amount of my 4-tiles, Justin came away with 2 of 3. I managed to work my way back in though and closed him out at the end of the game with a single piece more than he had 1-6-9 to 1-5-9. Super close game that came down to the very last tiles.

Game 2: Another game that ended closer than the game might have been. For the record - Justin wanted it noted that "I got lucky - again". I did not.

Game 3: The excuses keep rolling in... We didn't get this game in until late Thursday. We missed playing altogether on Wednesday. Justin again roared out and I came back to smoosh him at the end of the game. He believes that the player who goes first has an advantage. To prove/disprove this, I will let him go first from now on (passing if I actually go first).

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