Monday, April 21, 2008


Results from the "Pent-up Need to Trade"-trade are in. Looks like I got a lot of trading done this time. Traded these games:
  • La Strada --> Weapons and Warriors - Pirate Battle (I think this is for my son)
  • Torres --> Hare and Tortoise
  • Age of Steam --> Bus
  • Circus Maximus --> Medieval Merchant

    The lone non-trading game? The Goodnight Moon game. Oh well. I'll probably look to ebay to sell that one. Age of Steam for Bus? Bus is OOP, and even if it wasn't, it'd be at least $75 to order (as closely as I can guess from Splotter's site). I don't feel too bad about that trade. I traded off Circus Maximus for a game that I'm pretty sure will see the table in the future: Medieval Merchant. So I'm ok with these results. I get rid of four games that were extra or not getting played for three games I want and one "toy". Actually not a bad result. I probably only would have been happier if I could have traded AoS for Antiquity, but since I'm moving back to AZ here, I should be able to play Antiquity with Mike G, so my intense need for that game can probably be put on hold for a bit.
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