Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I got invited to join a game of Hansa on MaBiWeb. After getting burned out a bit on this last year I had avoided this one, but decided to suck it up and play again. It ended up being a three player game with Rob and Jason Easley, and I was able to jump out to a good lead. Rob caught up quickly enough and I was unable to shake him. I also had one point in the game where probably should have let the game go and take my chances, but didn't and it cost me the game. This is why Hansa doesn't rate higher for me - one person always seems to be on the short end of the stick, and then a nice tight game comes down to luck of the draw on the last stack. If the game was longer, I'd rate it lower, but since this is short, its ok. At any rate, Rob played a decent game and deserved the win - Jason was the guy that got the short end of the stick this time around.


Jaybird said...

It was my own fault. You are right--not a bad game, but it just does not seem to get it. I'd play Zooloretto before this. Ever play that other Schacht Tanga game--China?

Tatsu said...

I like Hansa, its quick and has easy to understand choices, so AP is not usually an issue, but it suffers from bad end game.

I have not played China. And while I like Zooloretto, I prefer Coloretto myself. Zooloretto is just easier to explain and more appealing to my wife and non-gamers.