Sunday, March 30, 2008

Unplayed in My Collection 3-2008

Well, I made another geeklist to list out all the unplayed stuff I own. I'm up to 63 games I own and have not tried. Its sad really. At least I played or traded 13 of last 50 I had listed last July. Of course, that means I've added 26 others to take their place. Not quite the ratio I had been hoping for since for every game I tried or traded, I got two new ones. When will it end?


sourwyrm said...

you could slow down a bit, you have a lot of good games that we haven't played or haven't played enough -- i'm willing to play those games that i don't love like imperial & die macher, if i get to play the negotation ones in return

Tatsu said...

Slow down? Like as in buying games?