Sunday, March 09, 2008


We played another game of Vinci - Jason Maxwell, Matthew Frederick and Mike Gingold that is. This time, we tried the mod I put together with the Asia Map. It worked out pretty well, except for a little bit of weirdness with the civ stack. At any rate, the game started badly for me, as I really really really wanted the double fortress civ. It put me in a whole that I never got out of. In fact, the payoff was about one round too late for me. Jason, who I forced out of his first civ after one turn managed to nab the barbarian horde at just the right time and didn't even have to do anything his last turn to win the game. We went back to the original ending (simply 120 points) and I think we all agree that we like it better this way. Asia is a pain in the butt map, as it has a LOAD of jungle/forest spaces, making conquest much harder in the southern parts of the map.


Matthew Frederick said...

It was a good game, and I definitely prefer the standard ending: I was able to take a new civ intelligently, planning out how many turns I had left. Just about had the game, too, but for that persistent and effective Jason. :)

Mike G. said...

I agree, the standard ending is so much better. Asia also makes for a challenging map.