Monday, March 03, 2008

Poker Chips

I'm finally going to get some chips. I've settled on the Nexgen River Poker Tour chips. I found a site that has 500 (mix your own set) chips in a nice wooden case for $137 shipped to me. The case has 5 wooden trays that pull out, so its not a bad price. I'm trying to figure out the ratio of chips I want. Realistically, 200 chips is enough cash for most boardgames so I don't want to skew the set too much towards that - I'd still want to have the set be a decent poker night set. At any rate, I'm planning to get yellow, white, red, blue, green black, and purple chips - likely as $0.50, $1, $5, $10, $25, $100, and $500. I'm going to get or make custom labels for the chips. I'm leaning towards board game "icons" for the chips. I'm thinking the AoS logo and possibly the train from the box cover for one chip. A meeple (for the 50 cent piece). The Tichu dragon may hit a chip. I might use the cover from the Power Grid expansion deck. Other favorite games are harder to pin down to a useable image (remember, the end picture has to fit on a 1" circular label AND still display the denomination as well). I'm probably going to stay away from dice. And Monoploy (despite its classic status and easy to recognize icons). What I need are some more suggestions. Throw them out at me people.


sourwyrm said...

i suggest not straying from the established casino color/denomination scheme: white/$1, red/$5, blue/$10, green/$25 -- chip sets that aren't like this are hard for us poker players to look at (or anyone else that goes to a casino)

Tatsu said...

white/$1, red/$5, blue/$10, green/$25, black/$100 was going to be a given. After that it gets blurry. Orange, yellow and purple don't seem to be consistent so I'm going to use yellow/$0.50 and purple/$500. If they had gray, I would have done that for $0.50

Jason Maxwell said...

AGoT Symbols?

TtR train?

M'44 star/cross?