Sunday, March 23, 2008


So I picked Qwirkle up a little while ago, when I saw that you can still get this directly from the producer (Mindware). I even got a free tote bag ($9.95 value). At any rate, I haven't had a chance to drag this out yet, but today I got my wife to play a game with me - which turned into four games, as she loved it. She liked it despite my winning 3 of the 4 games. In fact, she loved the simplicity of it. Match the colors or the shapes, that's it. In fact, she suggested that there needed to be more shapes - and maybe there does. Here's a game that wouldn't be that hard to make, if you could find 150 pieces of something. Wood is ok, but there's sanding and painting. Plastic is ok, but the weight and cost could be an issue (for the record, I looked around a bit and found a place that could cut black acrylic in the right shape for around $160 - producing more than enough pieces for four "super" sets of Qwirkle. Of course, that would mean finding three someones that wanted to go in on the venture and then we'd still have to stamp/paint the pieces - yada yada yada. Hey, the optimal choice would be to get Mindware to produce a "super" set. I'd buy it. More shapes and pieces would mean you could add two more players! You only have to make one small change to the rules - 6 pieces still makes a qwirkle, but you cannot have more than 6 of one color in a row. Anyway, my set has a couple imperfections, so I may try and see if I can get a couple of replacements, but it really doesn't take away anything from the game. As far as I know, you can still buy this directly from Mindware.

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Bobby said...

The Game Depot has copies in stock and I checked a few online stores and they all carry it.

I was just commenting this weekend how this was one of those games I that I burned out on from playing so much. Whenever I was gaming at the Game Depot is seemed like there were multiple copies being played. The fervor has died down and it is getting played only occasionally, which is enough for me these days.