Friday, March 21, 2008


MaBiWeb added Mykerinos to the line up recently and finally made it public. This is one of those games that I tried and liked, but was terrible at playing. The mechanics aren't that hard, but I never quite got a feel for the game. Bobby Warren, Mike Gingold and I started a three-player game and I finally broke my winless streak. The main difference for me? I got into the museum - I booked 3 of the 5-spot rooms. That makes all the difference in the world. I won 65-45(Mike)-57(Bobby). I enjoyed the online version (not only because of the win) mostly because you "score" in real time - you can see exactly what things to do your score and what the score is for other players. Its not terribly hard to do in real face-to-face play, but this was much clearer to me. I can see this getting a bit of online play this year.

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