Sunday, October 19, 2008


I pulled out another game to teach my son - Blink. I'm pretty sure I got this about 3 years ago from my sister and the only reason I held onto it, was because I remember playing Speed and having fun with that (though I'm not great at it). I explained how the game is played to my son and slowly we went through a first game. At first he'd only match the colors and miss the shapes or numbers, but he started catching on to that. He seemed to get it, so I gave him 20 cards to my 40 and we played. I went fairly easy on him, often "cleaning" the piles to make it easier for him to clearly see the stacks. We also played with our three cards face up and we'd call out what we play (green, green, four, stars, etc). Well, that didn't last long. Pretty quickly he caught on and started whipping through his pile. He's pretty good about seeing numbers, symbols, or colors, though you can tell when he fixates on something. And if you beat him to a pile and it switches on him, he has a hard time letting go of whatever he "thought" the card was - if he was planning to do stars, but I switch the shape, he gets a little stuck. However, in staying with the 20-40 card split, I can play as fast as I can go and we split games pretty evenly. I'm sure it won't be much longer until he gives me the handicap.

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