Monday, October 27, 2008


So, I've introduce Nathan Winchester to the world of boardgames. We chatted a bit today and I ended up showing him Samurai on MaBiWeb. We played a couple of quick two player random-hand games to give him an idea of how the game works. The first game he forced a tie on the 3-totem city and I ended the game shortly after. So now he knows about the dumb rare tie-endgame-condition. The next game was much much closer. Nathan is a bright guy and he snagged the 3-totem city out from under me (all of it) and combined with my crappy mid-game hand (I didn't see a ship until the end of the game) was just killing me. However, I was able to force the end of the game (killing off both the hats and rice) and we tied with one majority each, and I snuck out the win with more "others" even though he had far more total pieces than I. So, now that I have shown him most of the "traps" we move on to three-players.

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