Monday, June 08, 2009

Custom Heroes

Thor, Rhino, Daredevil, Annihilus, Hobgoblin, Wolverine, Sabertooth, Kingpin. These are all Marvel comic characters, and all guys that didn't come in the Marvel Heroscape set. Luckily there is a community out there that has created custom cards for the "others". The cards are easy - the figures aren't terribly hard either though. Heroclix figures are the target, and easy to pick up off eBay (unless I want to do Fin Fang Foom - he's like $80). So I started scouting eBay to pick up sets of guys. This time around I got the above listed group - $11.36 shipped for that group. That's $1.40 each, which isn't great, but I didn't pay more for a ton of guys I'd have to get rid of either. I'll probably work a bit on Spidey villains and allies, the Fantastic Four, and possibly the Avengers. I could go DC too, but for now I'm sticking to Marvel.

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sourwyrm said...

is your son still spiderman's #1 fan?