Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hey True Believer!

Well, I finally got to play a little HEROScape true believers. Dr. Doom had put together a nefarious plan to use his mind control powers to take over the world. Together with his Doombot, Hawkeye and the Boomerang (whom he must have taken control of earlier - yeah that's the ticket), they plotted. The mystic energies of the universe lead Thor, God of Thunder and the Silver Surfer to a remote forest location (where there were custom made rocks) for a confrontation with the forces of EEEEvville. Dr. Ashton Von Doom sent Hawkeye to the front and through his amazing skills, managed to wound the Silver Surfer. The Surfer then flew to action and returned fire using his cosmic blast to force Hawkeye to his knees. The Doombot entered the fray, but was initially ineffective in the fight. Thor saw his chance to finish off Hawkeye, but the bowman used his smoke arrows to hide all the agents of Doom from Thor's ranged attacks. The Silver Surfer ended up wounded from later attacks by the Doombot, but was able to finally finish off Hawkeye and then retreated to allow Thor to bash away. Boomerang was able to maneuver across the forest and in short order had actually managed to take down the former herald of Galactus. Seeing his brave companion fall, the God of Thunder went to work, quickly eliminating Boomerang and Doctor Doom's Doombot. Thor then turned his fury to the mastermind of the scheme. However, the tables quickly turned as a nearly defeated Von Doom managed to use his mind control powers to take control of the God of Thunder. A crushing blow to the powers of good! We can't wait to see what adventure is told next!

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Matthew Frederick said...

Awesome for you two, and well-told, my friend!