Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

Hola! Time again for another installment of "Things of No Interest". Now that I've had a chance to play Through the Ages (albeit the neutered version), I noticed that I've played 9 of the top 10 games on the BGG. The lone missing game? #10 - Caylus. I have not played #11 either (Brass), but I just traded Atlantic Star for a copy of Brass. Here's the thing about Caylus - I don't care. I've played Caylus Magna Carta (which is Caylus lite) and it was fine, but not interesting enough that I need to play Caylus. It is just another worker placement game, which is again - ok, but do I really need to play it?
Speaking of trades, I managed to move a bit of the cruft from my collection in the recent math trade - lots of card games, for another core set of A Game of Thrones LCG (despite never getting to play it, I somehow feel compelled to collect the cards and build decks) and Burp. Burp is an interesting looking little dexterity game that should go over well with my wife and kids. Five unplayed (and never will play) card games for one doofy game I'll play with my family? Good trade!
Going back to Through the Ages - one thing we didn't like was the teeny tiny little round wooden bits. I thought that perhaps the game would be better served with some glass bits (and as it turns out, the original used glass). The game comes with something like 190 yellow pieces (which is 48 a person). I'm not ever playing this four players, so I think I can get away with just getting 120ish. Time to hit Hobby Lobby.
Also on the "upgrading" front - I recently grabbed a set of the Mayday Euro Trains from Tanga. I ended up getting 8 colors (if natural is a color). The trains are different shapes (as if that makes them more interesting), but the are lighter and thinner than the ones from Mayfair. That doesn't mean they suck, I'm just pointing out the difference. We'll probably use them for Ticket to Ride. Maybe UP.
At the start of the year, I created a list of games to get rid of. So far so good and my list is down to 13 (14, but technically I've committed to riding myself of one of those already). The urge to own every game has gone away, though I still have a chunk of games I have no urge to get rid of, yet never get played. If my collection burned down in a fire, I probably wouldn't replace a bunch of them. I should probably figure out how to rid myself of them someday. Someday.

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nijoos said...

Well, you ought to round up a few others for A Game of Thrones LCG. I got into it a few months ago and it has been one of my most played games recently. Admittedly, it has a niche appeal but if you find the right group, they be the sort to take time off work weekly just to play it!