Monday, January 25, 2010

Online Games

Had a chance to get in a couple of online games versus Nathan Winchester the other day. We started with a game of GIPF. Nathan managed to beat me pretty easily. Between not paying enough attention and just not seeing the board, I think I took all of four of his pieces before losing. We then moved onto Hive. Here things got more interesting. I (white) started out wanting to hold his queen down so he couldn't move it but I didn't want a repeat of our last game where we were stuck next to each other, so I didn't place my queen right after Nathan (black). Well, Nathan jumped on that and pinned my second piece (spider) down. It was looking a lot like Nathan was going to thrash me again, and I was simply doing everything I could to try and keep him from pinning me. The screen shot is a picture of our game at the critical point. It was Nathan's move, and he should have been two moves from winning, with there being nothing I could do to stop him. And then he goofed. For no reason that we can figure, he placed his beetle in the only spot that could help me. I jumped on that chance to move my spider and consequently, pinned four of his pieces. Suddenly, I went from being dead, to being in the winning position. Nathan tried to pin my pieces down, but he had limited options and I only need a couple of moves to finish the turn around. Nathan doesn't usually make mistakes like that, so I count myself lucky to have stolen this win.

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