Tuesday, April 13, 2010

PBEM Olympics - Amun-Re Game 1

And the first game of Amun-Re is in the books. Amun-Re got moved up in the competition after we discovered it was getting pulled from SpielByWeb. We started 4 games (as any game started by a certain date could be played to completion) and took first moves in those games so that we could be assured of playing them through. In our first game, Justin and Nathan were first time players. Nathan got a pretty good overview from Steve Bauer at a Friday night session a few weeks back - it must have paid off as Nathan pulled out a second place finish in a pretty tight game. Justin missed how the pyramids scored until nearly the end of the game and had started the game with the fewest points in the first half of the game. Me? I got dang lucky. I squeaked out a 1 point win - barely scoring more points in the second round than I did the first - not a good showing. Chester never got in a rhythm nor found bonus cards that helped and brought up the rear this game. I expect his experience will help him in the coming games. I don't really care for this game and hope that this first place finish won't be followed by some 4th places. Final scores: Me-40, Nathan-39, Justin-36, Chester-34

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