Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Things of No Interest

  • I saw this article on the BGG about pimping up Combat Commander with bits from Litko and of course I couldn't resist. It is a little pricey for the size of the bits, but looks awesome. BTW, the pieces aren't assembled - if you do this, watch out for the glue. It works really well. It works too well - It dries in seconds and there is no forgiveness. I accidentally globbed a ton out on one piece and for lack of a better term - it is hosed. After that, I got a toothpick and started applying it that way - also a pain as you can't squeeze out much (remember, it dries damn fast). At any rate, I pimp up my normal games, so doctoring up a game that is all chits shouldn't come as a surprise. And yes, of course I clipped my counters. Even got a jig for it.
  • I also found (ok Robert Bolan) a copy of Combat Commander: Pacific for $50 shipped - in sleeves and the chits all punched and sorted in a plastic box. The next logical purchase should have been Combat Commander: Mediterranean or maybe Combat Commander: Battle Pack #1 - Paratroopers, but the price was right and so I couldn't resist - though I did resist for one day to see if Robert was going to buy it himself.
  • In keeping with the WWII theme, I also grabbed a copy of Wings of War: WWII Deluxe - this is the WWII (in case you missed that) version of Wings of War, and comes with 4 of the minis included. I ordered an additional four planes and plan to bring the whole shee-bang along to the Geekway To the West 2010 in a couple of weeks for a little bit of 4 vs 4 action.
  • Speaking of the Geekway, I'm not sure what we'll get played for sure this year. As always, there is a laundry list of games that we'll never have the time to play. Last year we played a lot of games from the Play-To-Win table. This year, there are maybe 3-4 games I really want to play from the table. The rest I either own or just don't care about I guess. Which games are they? Samarkand: Routes to Riches, Kingsburg (a little), Runewars (a little), and I can't decided about Dungeon Lords. I hear it is ok and it is not all that. I know lots of folks want to play it, but I've decided there aren't quite that many worker placement games that capture my interest.
  • So if I'm not totally engrossed in PTW games, what do I hope to play? A couple of Splotter games maybe - Greed, Incorporated and/or Indonesia. Steam and Steam Barons. I'd really like to play a big game like Descent, but I'm guessing that won't happen. And then there are the games that will for sure happen - Chicago Express, Tichu, Twilight Struggle, Combat Commander: Europe, Pitchcar, Crokinole, Wings of War (as I've already noted) and a host of little side games like Sushizock im Gockelwok and Exxtra. All I know is that normally about 15% of what we plan to do happens. This year they are having 24-3 (there is only three days) gaming, so who knows what we might fit in...

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Mike G. said...

It should be a good weekend of gaming for you. I would recommend Dungeon Lords. It is a solid game. Stay away from Runewars. It is not worth the time or effort.