Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Online game ending Sept. 26, 2006

Played a game of Samurai on MaBi web with Jason S and Mike G. I've played a number of games with them and I typically get killed. Today I mark my first win in this game (live or online). I don't normally count my online games in my games played list, but this blog is not my games played list, so I'm going to record it :D
Knizia's Samurai keeps climbing my list of favorites. I like it on a table, as the game just looks nice. I enjoy it online as well, because it really plays well in a turned based play-by-web format and doesn't drag on and on. With 4 players, it is a bit chaotic, but even with 3, a string of bad draws can screw you pretty good. That's ok though - its going to be like that with any game with luck. Its the small tactical battles and the ability to screw your opponents that are the fun here.

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