Saturday, September 30, 2006

Recent purchases

I bought a few new games recently. First up was Terra Nova. This looks like a light area control game (that's not really the right description - its not like El Grande or San Marcos, more similar to Domaine and Lowenhertz). It was mis-priced for $19 at the local game shop and they gave it to me for that price. The next purchase was Manifest Destiny. I played Age of Renassaince and liked it, but found it to be too long for what it was. This is supposed to be the spiritual sequel that plays in much less time. I'm really interested to see how this plays. I also found a copy of Liberté. I'm a big Martin Wallace fan and have heard good things about this one. In addition, a fellow on the BGG put together a new version of the game map that looks really really nice. I may have to print or mount one of my own. The last purchase was Axis and Allies: Europe. I played a lot of Axis and Allies growing up, and was able to get this version for $10.71 delivered. Even if I play only once or twice, its probably worth it (and of course, it fits my AH/Hasbro games collection). Of course, I've played none of these games. however, if I don't like them, I suppose I can trade them. The list of games I'm willing to trade is shrinking due in part to the large number of math trades I've been in this summer.

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