Wednesday, April 25, 2007

April 25, 2007 Samurai

Another Samurai game on MaBiWeb. Sadly, the previous game I had been in was with Jason Sato and never got started. This was in memory of Jason. The opponents were Dion Garner, Kirk Bauer, and new comer Matthew Frederick (new in the sense that I hadn't played him online prior to this). I got stuck going first (which I hate) and made a play towards the three-token city. Everyone else promptly struck at the same place and I felt that I had pretty much wasted my tokens there. I was able to claw my way into a 4 piece hold on hat tokens, but Matthew and Dion started playing nasty with each other and I was forced to take a hat on a turn I really wanted to take something else (I've learned that you pretty much have to have at least 5 of one of the three types if you expect to have a shot at winning in a 4-player game). Because of that missed opportunity, I ended up one piece behind Kirk in the finally tally (ok, maybe not because of that, but that's how it played in my head). I enjoyed getting to play with Matthew and hope to see him around online a bit more.

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Matthew said...

It was a fun game, just the second time I've played. I feel good about my finish, and the random start I chose was good for refiguring out the game, rather than trying to work with some grand strategy. :)