Sunday, April 29, 2007

More on Poker Chips

So, I ordered a sample set of Turf Club chips and they were pretty much exactly as described on Board Games with Scott - which is to say - nice heft and sound, and completely non-slippery. The ridge detail on the face of the chip doesn't interfere with stacking and neither do the chips interlock like the really cheap plastic bicycle chips you played with as a kid. However, they are incredible as far as non-slippery - I took the stack of seven chips and tried to squeeze them to get them to "slip" and they won't even budge the smallest amount. However, I have a couple issues that keep me from calling these perfect. First - the colors. I like that they have a lot of colors, and the colors are solid on the edge. Too bad they used some non-standard colors (the $10 chip is light purple, $25 is green, but not vibrant green, rather an army drab, etc). The other thing is the price - $0.60-0.70 each. Since the graphic on them is so-so and I don't care for the colors, I'm not sold on these yet. For this price, I'm leaning towards something else. I was thinking about some A-J chips. They come in a load of colors and are cheap and I could sticker/label them. However after reading a bit more, turns out they are some of the slickest chips around. Add to that the fact that the center is flush, not recessed. Now, my last set was like that, and that's ok, but I'm still going to look around and see if I can find better.
BTW, I think I've settled on what I want to do for graphics on the chips - games. Age of Steam will hit a chip for sure. The logo is perfect for a round chip - probably on the red $5 chip. I'm not sure about the rest - possibly curving the Ticket to Ride logo for the $1. Some of it will be based on my favorite games, but also there has to be a definitive logo or representation. I could do the Ra figure on a chip easily. Power grid would be cool, if I could figure out WTF to use (a city?).

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