Monday, July 07, 2008

Annoying Day

Today was an annoying day to be me. First - Days of Wonder went back on their word and announced today that they would be releasing TtR:Nordic Countries in English. Good thing I had my friend Marie go through the effort of bringing me one back from Norway. Not.
Last week, Bezier Games (Ted Alspach) announced a new Essen pack of AoS maps. That's all well and good, but its also $80. I was all set to order this, but then today I got the announcement that the Winsome Games Essen package will be released in October. This 4-game package will be a whopping $120 (plus shipping). One of the "4" games is an expansion for Wabash Cannonball. Now, having played Wabash and having read a lot about some Winsome games recently, I'm fairly certain I'd love the two games in the pack (the "3rd" is an AoS expansion). I'm also certain I'd like the AoS map and the expansion. However, the standard Winsome way means the games will look cheap as hell and I'll just end up re-doing them. Thus making a $130 investment annoying. Even more annoying is that I'm moving in the next few weeks and right now is a terrible time to try and spend $200 on some games. Ugh!


Bobby said...

I don't recall ever seeing DoW say they weren't going to release Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries to the rest of the world. They've been very non-commital about a general release from the beginning. You had to know it would come at some point, and I would have guessed it would have been closer to Christmas.

You and I have unique editions!

Now, if I can just get an English rule set... :)

Red October said...

keep your money on the bohrer set at the very least. get someone else in AZ to buy it and then redo everything yourself for $30.