Thursday, July 10, 2008

Math Trades

I'm in a lull at the moment. There is a math trade that started up - I looked through the roughly 427 items and nothing caught my eye. Moreover, the one or two things that were interesting enough were not interesting enough that I'd part with anything in my collection. My collection has somewhat become like this:
  • Games I'm just not going to part with - Age of Steam, A Game of Thrones, Indonesia, my Alea collection, my Crokinole board etc, etc
  • Games that are ok, that I'd be ok parting with, but are not worth the effort of trading - Ingenious, Pizzaro and Co, St. Petersburg, Return of the Heroes etc
  • Games I don't currently play (may not ever play), but I just can't bear to part with for various reasons - HeroQuest, versions of Axis and Allies (basically any of my Hasborg/AH collection), Spiel de Jahres winners, old family games (rummikub, mhing), whatever.
At any rate, I'm about 90% happy with the current state of my collection and a lot of the stuff I'd like to get anymore doesn't even fall into the normal stuff that gets listed in trade lists. To top it off, even if it did, I don't have anything I'd be willing to trade to acquire rare or top end game things. There is certainly some cruft that I'd get rid of in my collection if it wouldn't cost me as much in shipping the junk out as it would to buy a game that I could get in return. And yet, that won't stop me from adding a game...

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