Friday, August 01, 2008

Chip Backs

So, I'm trying to figure out whether to go double sided or whether to use something like this picture. Basically, its a Kanji character for Dragon in Japanese (I'll find a little cleaner version). Then it has my name (Hasegawa) circling the outside. I'll probably make the name slightly larger (but maybe not - its hard to get the spacing/sizing right). I'm also undecided if I should add the denomination as an overlay over the dragon character.


Matthew Frederick said...

I think denominations on the back would be really great, personally.

Red October said...

regardless as to what you do, try to make the edges of the symbol/letter/number, etc. to have crisp, non-broken pixel edges...if that makes sense.

keep the name the same size, unless after making a print run, you find that it all blurs together.

denominations are a solid idea with the amount of different colored chips you have.