Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Math Trade Time

YAMT (yet another math trade) has shown up on the geek. And yes, I have joined in. Time to clear a bit of the cruft out. Of course the first thing I thought to put in the list was Atlantic Star - if only because it is one of the few games not still packed up. Its also one of the games I acquired mostly for trade bait. The next thing I added were my three expansion packs for BattleLore - Dwarves, Goblins and A Call to Arms. Jason Maxwell and Bobby Warren have also thrown in their BattleLore lots, so there is plenty on non-love for the game early in the trade. I also added Beppo der Bock which is a kids game that is slick, but boring. I don't mind certain kids games that are a stepping stone to other games or semi-entertaining to adults, but this is not either of those. It has a totally unique mechanism with a steel marble you roll down a track that gets attracted to a super strong magnet. When this happens, the ball snaps to the magnet and knocks the goat piece across the board (it is pretty cool). The trick is to aim the ramp the ball rolls down so that the ball will hit the goat from a certain angle and fling him where you want to go - very basic dexterity and planning game(i.e. a good little kids game). Finally, I found two copies of Midnight Party at a thrift store, so I added one of them to the trade (actually one was Ghost Party). I then spent a little time looking at my collection list and there is very little I think I want to get rid of at the moment. There is some more cruft to be sure, but a lot of it may very well fall into the untradeable category. *UPDATE* - I added a little card game - Margin For Error to the trade. There should be a huge number of the game California in the trade and I thought I'd see if I could snag one for the low low cost of shipping a deck of cards...

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