Thursday, February 12, 2009

Big Pimpin

Yeah, I'm listening to the Jay-Z song... Anyway, there are a number of "pimps" for the C&C:Ancients game. A number of fools actually bought minis for the armies (I'm in the camp that the blocks are easier to play with and less fussy and thus prefer them slightly over minis). That aside, one guy actually made NEW sticker sheets that you can print out. Ok, hold on. There is a limit here. If I print out new sheets, I have to cut them myself. Then I'd have to RE-STICKER my existing set (and I do mean remove the old ones and apply new ones, not cover the existing). As nice looking as the new armies are, lets face it - the blocks are small and I doubt I'd really notice that much. And given that each expansion has a bazillion blocks to sticker, I don't need more work through re-stickering the base game. Plus then you'd have to update the reference cards to match. Its just not worth it. There are limits to what I'll do to make a game better :)


Mike G. said...

I would just work on power grid expansions instead :)

Matthew Frederick said...

Good to know there are limits!