Sunday, February 08, 2009

Gotta Get Em All!

And no, I don't really mean all the Pokémon, nor all the boardgames out there. But you wouldn't think that. I've acquired a few new games recently. Pokémon Master Trainer was sitting on the shelf at Bookman's for $8, so I grabbed that for my son. They also had a copy of Domination - the old Sid Saxon classic that won the Spiel in 1988. Most of the time, thrifting is boring and not worth the effort, but occassionally you find something. I also acquired a large lot of games from a math trade. I traded War! Age of Imperialism for all of the following:

Now, most of those aren't great, but it turned out that a couple are nice display pieces (Quarto!, Chung Toi) and there are a couple interesting abstracts too. I've wanted to try Dragonmaster out for a long long time, so despite the wear on the game, it was a nice little addition. I also recently acquired Pow Wow (next game to try at my next dinner) and Othello (Shrek edition) for some card games (Escalation, Control Nut, Coloretto). And lastly, I have Mammoth Hunters coming as one of the last items in a math trade (for Age of Mythology).

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