Friday, February 20, 2009


My son is now semi-into Pokemon. As such, I jumped all over the $8 Pokemon Master Trainer game I found at Bookman's for him. We actually got to play this the other night and its not terrible for what is really a super glorified roll and move game. In fact, its perfect for my son - there is just enough card text to encourage him to read it (and its easy enough for an emerging reader). There is also a small amount of math needed (for battles) and just enough decision making to keep him interested without overwhelming him. Basically, you roll the die, move your guy along the board and do whatever the space you land on lets you. Typically the space you land on is - try to capture a pokemon or draw cards. To capture a pokemon, you flip the tile on the space and roll the die, trying to match the die pictured on the tile. After getting a certain "value" worth of total pokemon, you can go to the center of the board and try to beat a random "boss" for the win. You also want to try and capture the evolved versions of pokemon you already have, as this gives you a bonus when fighting. And that's about it. My son likes this a lot and really enjoyed getting a twice-evoloved pokemon, which let him win the game.

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Greg said...

I had this game as a kid, and have fond memories of playing it. Granted, not as good as the video games but a nice diversion.