Monday, March 23, 2009


"We are Sparta", or something. The old collection hit 300 officially here recently. I say officially, because my BGG record shows 300. Actually, it shows 300 games and expansions. To commemorate this, I present #300 - Evo. This was picked up recently in a math trade (where else?). And yes, I know that it means it wasn't really the 300th game, but I don't record the games as mine until it arrives, so when it arrived, it pushed the count to 300. It all very complicated. So now I have a shrink wrapped Evo sitting here and I probably won't open it for a while. Evo is OOP and thus still worth a bit in trades. I never really expected to hit this number of games, not after I started trading. I suspect the collection will still grow and I'm waiting for the expansions to surpass the actual games. I don't expect that I'll actually end up with 600 games either, but time will tell.

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Mike G. said...

Everyone ends up with 600 games. Don't sell yourself short :)