Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Le Havre

Without sticking my neck out too far, I'm making Le Havre the game of note for March. I know that it appears to be the current hot game with Matthew and Dion and I know that Mike G and Bobby like it. I suspect I'll really like it too, so I'd like to wrap my head around it before I sit down with the experienced sharks. Le Havre is Uwe Rosenberg (of Agricola fame). Apparently, Le Havre is also an "engine" game ala Agricola, PR, Caylus, etc, but more "gamery" than Agricola. I can't really go into more detail, because I just don't know any more than that. I suspect that I'll become a fanboy too - because what I really need is another longer game to grab my interest...


Mike G. said...

The game is much easier to learn by having someone teach it over reading the rules. The game is also much more forgiving than Agricola so it is ok to play with experienced people if you have never played before.

I like the game best with 2 or 3 people but I would play it with 4 again.

Matthew Frederick said...

I am indeed loving it, and would gladly play any time.

I agree with Mike, that having someone teach you is the way to go -- it's really quite straightforward, though you wouldn't know it from the rules.

It is a game where experience helps, and you'll almost undoubtedly lose your first game against experienced players, but you won't be totally skunked, because as Mike said, it's a bit more forgiving than Agricola.

Let's play, man!

Bobby said...

Ignore the rulebook. I traded mine away because it was so hard to get through the rules (and I got Tumblin-Dice for it). It really is fairly straight-forward and, much like Agricola, is easier to learn when taught.

Mike did an okay job of learnin' us how ta play. :)

Matthew Frederick said...

And I learned him, I believe. Dion learned me, though I reviewed some rules later and resolved a loan problem.