Monday, March 02, 2009


Nathan insisted we play another game of Samurai after our face to face encounter the other night (and by insisted, I mean he created a two-player game and sent me the info). So looking for a little redemption (or revenge) I agreed. Ok, I would have said yes regardless. We started with random hands, and the random draws conspired to hurt me. I drew my 0-replace-a-tile tile very early and didn't see my swap tile until the last draw (never played it). I also didn't see but one ship that I got to play for effect. Interestingly, I wasn't in bad shape most of the game. I forced a tie in the 3-city and we each got one totem. In fact, Nathan followed that by gathering a huge number of rice - but that's almost the only thing he got and I finally positioned the game to end with him having nearly all of the rice, and only like a couple other pieces. My two majorities were then good for the win. I'm up to over 50 plays of this game, and I still love it - though as I told Nathan, I'm prone to playing a lot then avoiding it for long periods of time.

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