Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well, nailed off a couple games on MaBiWeb recently. The normal motley crew - Nathan Winchester, Mike "The Fonz" Garrett, and at least for Mykerinos, Justin Easley. So, the first game was Mykerinos with all of us - last week. The first round I thought was a waste (as apparently did Justin). I used all my cubes and came away with very little that I hoped to. Mike saved a lot of cubes and I think Nathan pulled the sole brown patron. The next round didn't look great for me me either. Despite one round where I simply took my purple cube and didn't place anything, it turned out ok and when we headed into the final season, I was in a good position. As it turned out, I was in a fine position, though apparently it wasn't enough to outright win. Justin and I shared a 41 point victory. Mike, who had been hoarding cubes most of the game didn't get as much of a chance to use them, as we all got out of cubes much faster in the final round.
This week, we started by finishing a three-player game of Samurai (Justin bowed out). I can't ever remember what to take for three players, so I took some ships, my Ronin, and a couple of 3s I think. I was last in turn order, so I didn't figure there was much point in starting with 4s - my position would be dictated by where Mike and Nathan started. Nathan jumped on the capitol city, so Mike and I left him alone to spend his tiles there. Mike hit an island first, so I went north. After that, I had a fantastic draw of tiles the whole game. I used my totem swap early to steal a couple of pieces from "Mike's" island (and right after he called me aggressive). I also stayed away from the main areas until I was ready to leverage Nathan's need to finish the middle. In the end, we all had one majority, but I had a single piece more than either Nathan or Mike had to take the win.

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sourwyrm said...

I forgot the rule that you only get one round by yourself in Mykerinos.

I need a rematch.