Monday, April 20, 2009

Twilight Struggle

Well, the Geekway to the West 2009 is coming up, so I finally got around to teaching Nathan Winchester Twilight Stuggle. If you wonder how those are connected, I went ahead and printed and laminated the travel board for TS so that Nathan and I can play on the plane (and at the airport and hotel). All we need is the cards, a die, and a dry erase marker.
At any rate, Nathan got the game quickly enough, though understanding the rules and understanding the game are different. He played the USSR and did well enough that after six turns, we were tied. He had to leave for the night, so we called it a draw at that point. He saw a number of things almost immediately after they happened, so our next game will likely be very tense. Hopefully, we'll get a few games of this in over the weekend.


Jason Maxwell said...

Tried the Chinese Civil War variant yet?

Charles Hasegawa said...

Not yet - it appears to be something of a way to slightly handicap the Russian player by forcing him to spend influence to make the China card available.

Since I've only played this one time since getting this from you and this was against a newbie, I figured I'd leave it alone