Monday, April 06, 2009

Update - Cult of the New

Ok, So here we are 3 months of the year gone. The collection now sits at 114 un-played games and expansions. I've played 17 new games and expansions so far this year. 76 of the 114 (2/3) of those are games, so 1/3 of that total are expansions, which I have dramatically increased thus far this year with additions of the entire Killer Bunnies set and the new Carc: Big Box. I still have not played Le Havre. I have acquired more Age of Steam maps, so need to get to work on playing those. At least so far this year, I feel like I've done a pretty good job of working through my un-played list as well as getting some old friends played. I've moved some other un-played items in trades. I know I'm not going to have everything played, but the more I can reduce the list the better.

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nwinches said...

Age of Steam maps? I'd be willing to help those get played!