Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Ashton's Favorite Games

I asked my son Ashton about his 10 favorite games. We listed all his games that he knows how to play and then picked his 10 favorites. Just to be sure I checked the list against the remaining games and this is what we ended up with. I was a bit surprised with Jungle Speed and Amazing Labyrinth, but the rest sound about right. These are in no particular order. I asked for his reasoning for liking each game.
  1. Heroscape - because you can chose the amount of characters for the amount of points you have. And you can like move and fight.
  2. Stratego Legends - because you move and fight and go diagonal, but not on water spaces
  3. Sorry Sliders - because you can slide your piece and wherever your piece goes you get points
  4. Star Wars - Epic Duels - because you move and fight and attack people
  5. Pokemon - because you have evolution people and do strong attacks
  6. Runebound - because you can roll dice and see where you can go and fight different things
  7. Ticket to Ride - because you get tickets and whoever has the most cars out on the field wins
  8. Zooloretto - because you buy things
  9. Jungle Speed - because if you have the same thing you have to grab the thing before the other opponents gets it
  10. Amazing Labyrinth - because you move and get stuff and whoever has all the things on their cards wins
Interesting... Games not making the cut that I thought might: Micro Mutants, Battleball, Kinder Bunnies, Ubongo, Ghost Party and Booby-Trap.

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